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Why The Olympic Broadcast Showed A Replay Of The Wardrobe Malfunction

An ice dancer's nipple pops out.

An ice dancer at the Winter Olympics suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during her routine last night. She suffered it twice, actually.

First, she suffered it during the routine. Then, she suffered it on the broadcast and the jumbotron, as the Winter Olympics' official broadcast showed it in slo-motion replay. Seriously.

Gabriella Papadakis, a 22-year-old ice dancer from France, had her top come undone seconds into her routine. It seemed to come undone when her partner, Guillaume Cizeron, accidentally hit something.

“It was my worst nightmare happening at the Olympics,” Papadakis said. “It happened in the first few seconds [of the routine]. I told myself I didn’t have a choice; I have to keep going.”

The wardrobe malfunction, which very clearly exposed the ice dancer's chest, was shown on NBC. The network's producers quickly recognized this, though, and opted for a wider shot and no replays for the rest of the routine. The Winter Olympics' broadcast, though, showed it. They explained why to USA TODAY: The OBS told USA TODAY Sports that it "covers athletic performances and followed our standard transmission of replays as we have with every other athlete and this includes the finale of the performance." OK then. The OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service) provides images and video to more than 100 countries from these Winter Games. So, unfortunately, a ton of people saw what happened last night. Here's to Papadakis and her partner battling back in their next routine. They're set to go in the long program later this week.