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The Ravens Are Being Criticized For What They're Saying About Kaepernick

Baltimore is reportedly considering signing the quarterback.

The Ravens said today that they're considering signing Colin Kaepernick. Baltimore's management has spoken directly to the quarterback and he wants to play. So, they're thinking it over.

How the Ravens are thinking it over, though, is drawing criticism.

Baltimore's front office says it is reaching out to fans and sponsors to see how they would feel about signing the quarterback who protested the national anthem during the 2016 season.

These kind of statements are not sitting well with many.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, meanwhile, says the interest between the Ravens and Kaepernick is "very real" and that a signing is becoming a real possibility.

Baltimore starting QB Joe Flacco is currently dealing with a back injury and the only other quarterback with any meaningful experience is Ryan Mallett.