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The Refs Just Blew A Ridiculously Easy Call In Game 2

steph 3 pointer game 2

The officiating was a major storyline in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers felt they were significantly hurt by some "bad" calls, especially late in the contest. Several Cleveland players were reportedly saying they were "f--ked" by the officiating after the game in the locker room.

We might have the same story in Game 2. It's early, but Cleveland has already been outraged by a couple of calls.

The most-recent one took place at the end of the first quarter. Steph Curry thought he was fouled on a 3-point attempt, but there was no whistle. He hoisted up a left-handed 3 and it went out of bounds.

The refs, after initially giving the ball to Cleveland, changed their mind and gave it to Golden State.

The official said the ball was "tipped."

You be the judge:

Curry might have deserved a foul call on that 3-point attempt, but that ball is definitely out on him. LeBron had a right to be upset.

The Warriors currently lead the game, 34-30.

It's being televised on ABC.