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The Songs The Eagles, Patriots Ran Out To Couldn't Have Been More Different

Eagles players run out of the tunnel.

A striking difference in song choice between the two teams.

Super Bowl 52 is here. We're moments away from kickoff.

The Eagles and Patriots have both ran out onto the field. They did so in pretty different fashion.

Both teams ran out as one out. Both did not run out to similar songs.

Philadelphia ran out to Meek Mill's Dreams and Nightmares. The song by the Philly native has become somewhat of an anthem for the Eagles this season.

New England, meanwhile, came out to Crazy Train. The song by Ozzy Osbourne came out in 1980.

Everyone seems to be talking about the striking difference in these two song choices.

It's going viral on social media.

Kickoff is about to happen. The game is on NBC.