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The Super Bowl Coin Toss Wasn't Much Of A Toss

The coin toss at the Super Bowl.

The coin didn't seem to flip...

The Super Bowl hasn't even started yet and we already have a controversy. The coin toss didn't go very well.

The coin was "tossed" by Woody Williams. He's a former United States Marine.

Williams, 94, received a Medal of Honor during World War II. He's the only living marine who was a World War II Medal of Honor recipient.

The Medal of Honor winner was chosen by a group of recipients. He said it was a huge honor.

“To be honored in this way, it’s just almost like a miracle,” Williams said. “It really is because you don’t ever dream or think that this kind of a thing could happen to you, and then all of a sudden you’re it.”

Williams did his best with the coin toss. But, at 94 years old, he wasn't able to get it to "toss" that much.

It didn't flip. The Patriots won the toss and deferred.

Philadelphia took the ball and is driving. The game is on NBC.