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There Are A Ton Of Olympians On Tinder At The Winter Olympics

It's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air.

The Winter Olympics are not excluded from this. The best athletes in the world like to fall in love (or just have some fun), too.

Many of them are turning to Tinder to make this happen. There's an Instagram account keeping track of all the Olympians spotted on Tinder at the games in South Korea. There are a lot of them.

Meet some of the athletes on Tinder in South Korea below.

U.S. snowboarder Jessika Jenson

Norwegian skier Rikke Gasmann-Brott

An Olympian on Tinder.

Austrian skier Gregor Schlierenzauer

An Olympian on Tinder.

Norwegian skier Hedvig Wessel

An Olympian on Tinder.

Canadian skier Dustin Cook

An Olympian on Tinder.

Canadian luger Brooke Apshkrum

An Olympian on Tinder.

Many people are actually changing the location of their Twitter accounts in hopes to match with Olympians over in South Korea.

From Mashable:

According to Tinder data, there's been a 1,850 percent increase in swipers "passporting" to the Olympic Villages, where the athletes are staying. Tinder Passport is a feature which allows users to change their location to connect with people anywhere in the world. That means anyone with a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account can switch their location to Pyeongchang if they want in on some Olympic action.

And, users in Pyeongchang are apparently "giving away right swipes like hotcakes." Tinder says it's seen a 348 percent increase in overall Tinder usage in the Olympic Villages, a 565 percent in right swipes, and a644 percentincrease in matches.

Shoot your shot, I guess.