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There Was A Horrifying Crash In The Luge At The Olympics

There was a horrifying crash at the Winter Olympics.

The most-insane event at the Winter Olympics might be the luge. It's basically male and female riders going down a sled on a track made of ice. Their speeds can reach close to 90 MPH.

It's crazy. Sometimes, there are horrifying crashes.

We had one today, unfortunately. An Austrian luger lost control and went airborne.

"Going airborne" is something no one related to luge wants to hear, of course. And if you're unfamiliar with the sport, you're about to see why.

Birgit Platzer, the Austrian luger, lost control of her sled in Turn 9. She went airborne and had a pretty horrifying crash.

Thankfully, she's OK. The sled, though, is not.

"I feel better than the toboggan," she told reporters. Video of the crash can be seen below:

Here it is in slo-mo. It's more terrifying this way:


I'll stick to watching luge on TV and never coming close to the terrifying ice track.