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There's A Rumor That Hugh Hefner Helped Cost Illinois A Rose Bowl Win

The Playboy legend is an Illinois grad.

Hugh Hefner, the legendary Playboy founder, died on Wednesday night. He was 91.

The American icon didn't have a ton of connections to the college football world, but there is an ongoing rumor that he cost a Big Ten team a Rose Bowl victory in the 1980s.

Hefner, an Illinois grad, allegedly hosted the Fighting Illini at the Playboy Mansion before their 1984 Rose Bowl game against UCLA. Illinois went on to get blown out, 45-9, costing the program a chance at a national title.

A couple of reports say Illinois did visit the Playboy Mansion before the Rose Bowl, but it was days before and not much happened.

Another one, though, tells a different story:

"One by one, the players moved between January, April and the assorted bunnies who had been brought in for the occasion, raising serious doubts about the sexist position that if you've seen two you've seen them all."

That story was from 11 days before the game, though, so even if a lot of craziness did happen, it's tough to believe that it cost Illinois its game against UCLA.