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These Olympic Athletes Are Using Tinder At The Winter Olympics

A split screen of Olympians on Twitter.

The Winter Olympics aren't just a time for sports...

The Winter Olympics are underway in South Korea. Thousands of world-class athletes have descended upon Pyeongchang.

The Games aren't just a time of competing. They're also a a time people.

At the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, a lot of people were meeting each other. There were 450,000 condoms distributed to the 10,500 competing athletes.

The Winter Games aren't as big. There are only roughly 2,000 athletes here.

Still, a lot of people are meeting each other. There have been 110,000 condoms distributed.

What's the best way to meet people at the games? Tinder, of course.

There are several athletes on Tinder at the games. There's an Instagram account taking count of all of them:

You can view the full account

Belgium, Bobsleigh #pyeongchang2018 #winterolympics2018

A post shared by Tinder Pyeongchang (@tinderpyeongchang) on Feb 8, 2018 at 2:35pm PST