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This Is Reportedly Jon Gruden's "Preferred" Destination For 2018

Jon Gruden talks at his own QB camp about Nathan Peterman.

The former NFL head coach could be making a return to the sideline.

Jon Gruden is mentioned for various coaching vacancies (both college and pro) basically every year. And every year, nothing really happens.

Will this year be different?

For the college jobs (sorry, Tennessee) it wasn't. For the pro jobs...maybe.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that Gruden-to-Tampa Bay is a legitimate possibility and the Bucs are his "preferred" destination.

"As it's being explained to me this year may actually be different," Rapoport said. "Gruden right now is going through the process of reaching out to for former assistants and friends in the coaching industry just to see if they would be available, if they would potentially come with him if he were be able to get a head coaching job. And of course the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do have Dirk Koetter on the hot seat -- that would be his preferred destination. The Bucs have often swung big. They'd have to give up a lot of money to outbid ESPN and pay Gruden what he would want -- something that would be worth it to come back to coaching. As a source close to him told me, this year may actually different."

Tampa Bay reportedly isn't the only team with interest in a Gruden, too. Cincinnati might want his brother, Jay Gruden, to replace Marvin Lewis.

Stay tuned.