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This Is Why Ohio State Fans Are So Mad At 'Superfan' Buck-I-Guy

Ohio State superfan Buck-I-Guy at College GameDay.

Ohio State's football program held today a celebration of life for the late Earle Bruce. The former Buckeyes head coach passed away a few days ago, at the age of 87. Numerous current and former members of the Ohio State football program showed up for the memorial service. And then there is Buck-I-Guy.

John Chubb, a lifelong Columbus resident and Ohio State fan, is instantly recognizable to most college football fans. He wears a ten-gallon hat, a giant Ohio State cape, and dyes his mustache red. To the dismay of some Ohio State fans, "Buck-I-Guy" is one of the more recognizable fans in the sport. Some accuse him of being a shameless self-promoter.

Those people definitely got helped by what Buck-I-Guy did today.

At the Earle Bruce service, which was a public event, he attended in his full regalia. That drew the ire of fans. Be forewarned, some of the tweets below use some colorful language.

The costume is one thing. He probably could have come dressed a bit more normally, but it was a public event and it's his shtick... whatever. However, Buck-I-Guy also took it upon himself to sign the large picture of Earle Bruce, which is to be given to his family. It was intended to be signed by former players and coaches. That fact was made very clear by a placard placed right next to the Sharpies left out. And still, as shown by The-Ozone's Tony Gerdeman, "Buck-I-Guy" signed it anyway, in character.

He already had his detractors within the Ohio State fan base. This definitely doesn't help matters.

That's just not a good look, and certainly doesn't help the whole "self-promoter" reputation. It is just common sense to have a bit more decorum in a situation like this.

Earle Bruce coached the Buckeyes from 1979-87. He went 81-26-1 overall, making eight bowl games, and winning the Fiesta, Liberty, Cotton, Holiday and Citrus Bowls with the Buckeyes. Ohio State finished in the top 10 three times under his watch.