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This New Footage Of Markelle Fultz's Free-Throw Form Is Brutal

Markelle Fultz shooting a basketball.

The shooting form of the No. 1 overall pick appears to be getting worse.

We have an update on the shooting form of Markelle Fultz. It's not good.

Fultz, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, hasn't played in a game since the beginning of the season. He's been sidelined with a shoulder injury and a bizarre shooting issue.

The former Washington standout wasn't a great shooter in college, but he was at least capable. That's not the case anymore, though.

Fultz has become a horrific jump-shooter. His shooting form is terrible and his free-throw form is worse.

Philadelphia's head coach recognizes this. Brett Brown said Fultz won't be returning to the court until he gets it fixed.

"I think what he needs to be is able to shoot a basketball. I don’t know what percent we’re going to apply to that comment, but he needs to feel like he can go out and shoot a basketball...I think there still is some (discomfort) from time to time and, you know, he’d be able to answer that better," Brown told reporters.

A new video of Fultz' shooting form has surfaced. It's not good:

Yikes. It seems like the Sixers just need to shut Fultz down and stop having him shoot in front of the media. Get this guy a shot doctor.