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This New Photo Of Kate Upton Is Going Viral On Instagram

Kate Upton at the Met Gala.

Kate Upton and her MLB star pitcher husband, Justin Verlander, announced some major personal news earlier this year.

They're expecting their first child.

Upton and Verlander, who were married in Italy after the World Series last fall, will be welcoming their first kid into the world later this year.

The supermodel and the Cy Young pitcher are one of the biggest couples in pop culture right now. Upton shared an interesting tidbit regarding the pregnancy on Instagram.

Upton continued to work during the first couple of months of her pregnancy. While you wouldn't have noticed that she was expecting a child based on the photos, she apparently had difficulty getting through the shoots.

"I was so sick in my first trimester and it was really hard to get through this shoot, but I’m so grateful I had such a great team around me and now I have a new reason to appreciate my body!" she wrote.

Here's the shoot she's talking about:

Good for Kate.