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This Old Dick Vitale Tweet About Sean Miller Is Going Viral

Dick Vitale talks on ESPN.

The college basketball world has been shaken by the FBI's investigation into corruption within the sport. Perhaps no one is more upset than Dick Vitale.

The ESPN college basketball analyst has constantly defended coaches amid allegations of cheating. He was a staunch defender of Louisville's Rick Pitino, for example.

Vitale, though, is now voicing his serious displeasure with one of the country's top coaches in Arizona's Sean Miller.

Miller, according to ESPN, was allegedly caught discussing a $100K payment for a top recruit. That recruit is five-star freshman Deandre Ayton.

Vitale is demanding that Miller be fired.

"Sean Miller can get his cash under his contract but you can’t buy a REPUTATION / you earn it / U must look in the mirror & I guarantee you / he doesn’t like what he sees / I am so surprised as I was a big Sean Miller believer !" he wrote on Twitter.

It wasn't that long ago that Vitale was saying there was no way Miller would knowingly cheat.

Check out this tweet from the fall:

Welp. With college basketball now, it's probably best to not assume anything.