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This Story About 6 Eagles "Fans" At The White House Today Is Going Viral

A view of the Eagles field from the end zone.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles are not at the White House today, but some of the franchise's "fans" are. President Trump and Co. are hosting a patriotism-themed event in place of the scheduled ceremony for the Super Bowl champions.

The White House has been critical of the Eagles over the past 24 hours, saying they "abandoned" their fan base when it comes to the scheduled trip, which was cancelled by the president after he reportedly learned that only a handful of the team was going to make it to Washington, D.C.

Are there actually a lot of Eagles fans at the White House today, though?


"I’ve asked 6 of the “fans” at the White House who was the Eagles quarterback during the super bowl. Not ONE person knew," says one reporter.

OK then.

The answer, of course, is Nick Foles.

The White House's statement on the Eagles and their fans can be seen below: