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Caddie Of Tiger Woods Shares Strange Story About His Dinner Habits

Tiger Woods gets ready to putt while caddie Joe LaCava looks on

We've all heard the expression if you're on time then you're already late... well, Tiger Woods takes it to a whole other level. In 2011, Joe LaCava became Tiger Woods' third caddie. During an interview on the Golf Digest podcast, LaCava shared a strange story about learning the hard way that Tiger is always on a tight schedule.

For their first dinner together, Woods told LaCava to meet him at the restaurant at 5:30. But he'd soon be educated on what half past five meant in Tiger time.

From the Golf Digest pod:

And so I show up at 5:30, I go to the restaurant and they say ‘who are you here with?’ and I say ‘I’m here with Tiger,’ he’s in the back, no problem.

So I go in the back, it’s 5:30, he has now already eaten his salad, and he’s waiting for his steak to be delivered. And so... we’re talking, and he really doesn’t even look up, he’s just eating. Really doesn’t even kind of look at me, but we’re talking. And so he literally ate his steak before I got my salad, and he finished his meal before I finished my salad, and he literally got up and left.

It wasn’t in a bad way, but come to find out 5:30 for him means like 5:15, which I found out later. And if you’re not there, he’s just going to order. He doesn’t even look at the menu. He wants the porterhouse, medium well, and he wants a salad and that’s it. So he literally had his meal before I finished my salad and he was out of there.”

It's a toss-up as to who made the worst first impression.

Perhaps the most-important part of the story is how Tiger likes his steak - medium well. How one likes their steak is always a hot-button topic.

You can listen to the entire podcast here. The veteran caddies story is about 11 minutes in.