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Fans Are Freaking Out About What Tiger Woods Is Doing In Europe Today

tiger woods poses for a photo in europe

Tiger Woods is coming off his best performance at a major tournament in years. The 42-year-old 14-time major champion was in sole possession of the lead at The Open on Sunday, before eventually finishing in sixth place, three shots back of the lead.

Fans of Tiger Woods are, understandably, pumped about what's to come. He's set to compete in two big tournaments in August - WGC Bridgestone and the PGA Championship - and more contending rounds are expected.

Woods appears to be spending some time in Europe in the days following The Open.

The outfit he was spotted wearing today has some Tiger fans concerned, though.

Woods is known for being quite adventurous. It's been reported that he likely would've been a Navy SEAL if he had not pursued professional goal. There are countless stories of Woods doing extreme things while not on the golf course.

Based on that outfit he's wearing in the photo above, it looks like Woods might be setting out for some hiking or parachuting or canoeing.

Tiger fans would like him to be safe:

"Don’t do it Tiger. Don’t go parachuting or whatever it is you’re preparing to do. Don’t do it. We’ve got golf tournaments to win. Think about the fans," writes one Tiger fanatic.

Others are surely thinking the same.

For the sake of the golfing world, please arrive at your next tournament 100 percent healthy and ready to win, Tiger.