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Tim Brando Says Notre Dame's "Uniform Money Grab" Is Sickening

A closeup of Notre Dame's mascot.

SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 05: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun celebrates a touchdown against the Texas Longhorns during the first quarter at Notre Dame Stadium on September 5, 2015 in South Bend, Indiana. (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)

Notre Dame unveiled its uniforms for its Shamrock Series game on Thursday, and it's fair to suggest that many Fighting Irish fans found them a bit "sickening." FOX Sports announcer Tim Brando thinks the whole idea of Notre Dame wearing alternate uniforms in the first place is also "sickening."

Notre Dame will take on Syracuse at Yankee Stadium for its Shamrock Series game this fall. The uniforms they're wearing pay homage to the New York Yankees. While it's an interesting concept, they just flat out don't look good.

Fighting Irish fans, who are used to being disappointed with Shamrock Series uniforms, are more upset than ever. You can check them out below:

Brando called it "sickening" that Notre Dame - and other top programs for that matter - are willing to wear alternate uniforms for a "money grab." He's fully aware that it makes it seem like he's a big traditionalist.

For what it's worth, teams also use alternate uniforms to attract recruits - it isn't all a money grab. Recruits often want to wear flashy uniforms a few times in their collegiate careers.

College football fans - including Brando - have different opinions when it comes to uniforms. It's part of what makes the sport great.