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Tim Donaghy Thinks NBA Will Rig Game 5 To Force A Game 6

Draymond Green taking a drink.

The former NBA referee, who did jail time after admitting he bet on games he was officiating, believes that the NBA will rig Game 5 on Monday night.

Tim Donaghy isn't exactly the world's most trustworthy source, considering he served jail time after being investigated by the FBI for betting on games he officiated. But the former NBA ref has some thoughts about this year's NBA Finals - you can take them or leave them.

Donaghy thinks that the league will attempt to force a Game 6. Here's what he had to say on KNBR this morning:

Via Kevin Jones:

"No doubt in my mind they would love this to go to a Game 6. They are going to show (the refs) a lot of plays that should've been called against Golden State that weren't. I think they are going to concentrate on Draymond to make sure he isn't able to be in any physicality, or roughhouse in any way, shape or form. You are probably going to see him in foul trouble again. It's a situation where they are going to try and get a Game 6 and open things up so they can create more revenue for the league.

I'm just telling you I've been in this situation before. I've been in these meetings. I've been in these tape sessions. I've walked out of them with my crew and kind of laughed. And thinking to myself, wow, they really want the Lakers, or they want the Spurs, or they want the Cleveland Cavaliers to win tonight. It's no secret we've walked out of these tape sessions laughing because David Stern was on TV at one point saying the best NBA Finals would be the Lakers vs. the Lakers. It's in the back of their minds at all times what's best for the league. Dick Bavetta came out on occasions and said he was put on Game 6s to make sure Game 7s occurred. It's a form of entertainment. If you're going to advance as a referee and make that $75,000-100,000 a year in the playoffs, you're going to give the league what they want. Because they are grading you.

I don't think it matters (which team wins it all). But I think what matters is we get this to a Game 6 and possibly a Game 7 to grab some global attention and an enormous amount of revenue. If you look at all the layoffs at ESPN over the course of the last two years based on the fact they signed an awful TV deal with the NBA and overpaid dramatically for it, those employees are paying for it. To help the bottom line would be great. To gain $50-$75 million if we get to a Game 5, 6, or 7 for each game played. I think it's dramatically important to extend this series in any way they can without coming out and fixing it."

Here are Jones' tweets:

The NBA would make more money if a sixth game is played - there's no doubt.

Monday night's contest begins at 9:00 p.m. ET.