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Tim Tebow Has An Offer To Play Professional Football Again

Tim Tebow hasn't played professional football in years. That might be changing soon, though...

The former star college and NFL quarterback has an offer to play professional football again. No, it's not in the NFL.

Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier is coaching an Orlando team in the new AAF league. He wants Tebow to be his QB.

Spurrier's hire by the Orlando team was announced over the weekend. He's already making recruiting pitches to players, including Tebow.

The coach appeared on a radio show this afternoon and confirmed that Tebow is welcome to play on his team.

"I think Tim knows about our league," Spurrier said on the Orlando Sentinel's Open Mike radio show. "He knows he's welcome to come down (to Orlando) and play."

Tebow is currently playing another sport professionally - baseball. He's on the Mets' double-A team.

So, it's probably unlikely that Tebow will take up Spurrier on his offer. But it would be pretty great if he did.

The draw of a Tim Tebow-lead pro team in Florida would surely draw thousands of fans to games. We'd definitely watch, too.