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Photos Of Tom Brady's Hand Injury During The Playoffs Have Leaked

Tom Brady looks dejected when his team is down 20-0 in the Super Bowl.


Tom Brady suffered an injury during his team's playoff run this past season, and after seeing photos of the damage, it's a miracle he didn't miss any time.

Ahead of the AFC title game this past January, it leaked that quarterback Tom Brady had suffered some kind of hand injury. The team did what they could to keep it under wraps - leading many to wonder just how severe it was. Turns out it was pretty severe.

Monday, on Brady's reality show "Tom vs. Time" - Brady finally showed the world what he was dealing with. He was cut in practice and suffered a serious gash across his hand. He actually thought his season was over.

"When I hurt my thumb, I thought, ‘This is it. This is the way the season ends,'" Tom said.

"I’m looking down at my thumb as it’s split open, and I’m thinking ‘I really don’t know what happened to my thumb, but I know it doesn’t feel good and I’m having a real hard time believing I’m going to go out and play well against the #1 ranked defense in four days.'"

A couple of stills of Brady's injury have been going viral. Warning - the photo below isn't for the squeamish.

Brady, clearly, needed stitches and pins put in his hand to fix the issue. It looks like he made a full recovery.

Brady, as we all know, played against Jacksonville and played well. He finished 26-of-38 for 290 yards and two touchdowns. His team fell in the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks later.