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Tom Brady Reveals How He Spent His 1st Sunday After The Football Season

Tom Brady kisses Gisele.

Here's how Tom Brady spent his first Sunday after the football season.

Tom Brady spent his last Sunday of the 2017 NFL season losing the Super Bowl. That's pretty rough.

The Patriots fell to the Eagles, 41-33, in one of the most-exciting Super Bowls of all-time. Brady played incredibly well - he threw for more than 500 yards - but it wasn't enough.

Philadelphia won its first Super Bowl ever. New England entered the offseason in sadness.

Brady appears to have cheered up since then, though. He took to Instagram on Sunday to show off what he was doing.

How was Brady spending his first weekend off in months? He was hanging out with his supermodel wife.

Brady posted a picture of himself and Gisele kissing. "This Sunday’s outcome is a lot better than last Sunday’s!" he wrote.

Check it out:

Good for Tom. And Gisele.

The Patriots, meanwhile, will go into the 2018 season as the favorites once again. New England has been listed as the favorite to win the 2019 Super Bowl by Las Vegas.