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This Quote From Tony Bennett's Postgame Interview Is Going Viral

Tony Bennett getting interviewed by Tracy Wolfson.

For the first time in history, a 1-seed has lost to a 16-seed in the NCAA Tournament. Virginia, easily the best team in the country the entire season, was somehow beaten by No. 16 UMBC. The craziest part? It was a blowout - with the final score being 74-54.

After the game, however, UVA coach Tony Bennett wasn't making excuses. Bennett, in a postgame interview with Tracy Wolfson of CBS, credited his opponent. His interview is going viral Saturday morning - mostly because of the class he displayed.

One quote in particular is getting passed around. It deals with the ups and downs of life.

If you haven't seen the whole interview, you can check it out below.

Virginia finishes the season with a regular season ACC title, an ACC Tournament title, a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament and, amazingly, a first round loss. The Cavs posted a 31-3 record this year.

UMBC, meanwhile, will move onto the second round to take on Kansas State on Sunday.