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This Photo Of Tony Finau's Busted Ankle After His Hole-In-One Is Gross

Tony Finau Reveals What His Ankle Looks Like After Playing Through Injury At The Masters 2

Tony Finau had quiet an afternoon. The pro golfer hit a hole-in-one at the Par-3 event at the Masters, then appeared to dislocate his ankle while celebrating.

There were two holes-in-one during the Par-3 event at the Masters on Wednesday, and it's fair to say that the celebrations for each were very, very different. Jack Nicklaus' grandson Gary aced the final hole of the day, which led to some tears from the Golden Bear. Tony Finau, meanwhile, got a bit overzealous and wound up hurting himself.

Finau, after hitting an incredible shot, started trotting towards the hole in elation. At one point, he turns himself around to address more of the crowd. That's when disaster struck.

Finau's ankle seemingly dislocated. He somehow got it back in, live in front of the entire crowd. The photo of his ankle is gross.

The video is too. Check it out:

Finau, predictably, is now questionable for the actual Masters tournament, which starts tomorrow. It's hard to see him giving it a go considering what happened.

The Masters kicks off early Thursday morning. It's one of the most anticipated in years.