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Tony Romo's Trying To Qualify For The U.S. Open Today - Here's How It's Going

A photo of Tony Romo golfing.

The former star quarterback is giving golf a try today.

Tony Romo is good at a lot of sports. Golf is one of them.

Today, the former Dallas Cowboys star and current CBS Sports analyst is attempting to qualify for the U.S. Open. He's done it before, and while he hasn't yet qualified, he's gotten pretty close. The round today is the first step in trying to qualify.

Romo, 37, is playing an 18-hole local qualifier at Split Rail Links & Golf Club. There are 117 golfers participating and the top seven advance to the sectional qualifier.

Here's how Romo's day is going so far, from ESPN's Todd Archer.

Tony Romo has a pretty good sized gallery - roughly 150-200 people - following him at his U.S. Open qualifier at Split Rail Links & Golf Club.

Through three holes of his U.S. Open qualifier Tony Romo is even. He narrowly missed a 40-foot birdie by inches on No. 3 after his tee shot missed the fairway left and ended with a side hill lie.

Tony Romo curled home a 3-footer for par on the par-3 fourth hole to remain even in his U.S. Open qualifier.

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