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Tony Wroten Tweets An Interesting Response To Sixers' Trades, Or Has A Broken Keyboard

The Philadelphia 76ers have taken the logical next step in their tanking efforts today, trading away Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen, and Evan Turner before the NBA's trade deadline. This opens up more playing time for some of Philly's young players, like guard Tony Wroten. What do you think about the moves, Tony?

Very fair point.

It's obviously unclear what Wroten's thoughts are exactly, or if he just had a cat walk across his keyboard a few minutes after one of his team's best players in Turner was traded to Indiana. I'm no Twitter cryptologist, but a Tweet of three lines of random letters and spaces is generally not indicative of approval. Wroten also wrote off the thought of tanking earlier this year:

">January 2, 2014

Either way, this season means little for the Sixers, who have a budding superstar in Michael Carter-Williams, a potential star rim protector in Nerlens Noel, and what should be prime draft position in a loaded year. The future appears to be bright in Philly.