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Tour de France Bicyclist Shows Off Gnarly Photo Of Fractured Kneecap After Crash

Tour de France bike shows off busted kneecap

Ask someone to name the most dangerous sporting events and the Tour de France likely won't come up. Still, cycling at those speeds in close quarters can be pretty scary.

Take the case of Philippe Gilbert. The French cyclist was zooming down the Portet d’Aspet yesterday when he had a terrifying wipeout.

Gilbert lost control of his bike and flipped over a wall.

Amazingly, the official update from the race stated that Gilbert was not only okay, but that he continued to bike after this. That's remarkable, and even more so when you consider he fractured his left kneecap. Gilbert showed off the injured limb in a nasty-looking photo earlier today. His left knee is roughly twice the size of his right.

In his tweet from tdoay, Gilbert says he kept going for 60 km. That's almost 38 miles!

Don't ever let anyone tell you cyclists aren't tough.