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TBS Shows Horrific Shot Of Trevor Bauer's Mangled Pinky

Trevor Bauer is pitching with a kind of mangled pinky tonight.

Trevor Bauer, the Cleveland Indians' Game 3 starter in the American League Championship Series, is pitching tonight's game against the Toronto Blue Jays with an injured pinky.

The 25-year-old starter injured his right pinky while doing some maintenance work on a drone.

Tonight, before Game 3 started, TBS showed a pretty horrific shot of Bauer's pinky. It apparently looks a lot worse than it feels. on how Bauer injured it:

On Thursday night, Bauer was working on his drone. It's one of "eight or 10" that make up his "fleet," and most of them need constant upkeep.

"I plugged it in, like I've done thousands of times, and my finger happened to be in front of one of the (four) propellers," said Bauer. "For whatever reason, three of the propellers didn't spin like they're supposed to, and this one spun up at max throttle.

"I have no idea why it happened. My finger just happened to be in the way of the prop and it cut me."

Bauer called a cab and went to the emergency room. The cut required 10 stitches and forced manager Terry Francona to flip-flop Bauer and Josh Tomlin in the rotation

Game 3 is airing on TBS.