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Trey Wingo Is Getting Crushed For What He Just Said

Trey Wingo and Roger Goodell talk during the 2018 draft.

After three days and over 250 draft picks the 2018 NFL draft is finally coming to a close. While most of the notable players went off the board early, a few big name players went later in the draft.

One such player was former LSU quarterback Danny Etling who was the first pick in the seventh round of the draft. Which team picked him?

The New England Patriots, who know a thing or two about drafting quarterbacks late.

After Etling was announced as a draft pick, ESPN's broadcast team broke down the Patriots' selection. Trey Wingo asked if he could become a slot receiver if he doesn't work out as a quarterback.


At this point in the draft it's likely that Wingo didn't even know who Etling was, although that might also be a problem with his preparation.

To not know who a major program's quarterback is, and know if he's athletic enough to play another position, is questionable.

Of course, Wingo and the rest of the team likely haven't had a ton of sleep over the past three days, so we can't fault him too much.