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Everyone's Laughing At What This Cavs Player Told Reporters Today

A general view of the Cleveland cavaliers basketball court.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the Eastern Conference the past four years in a row. That streak isn't going to be reaching five, though.

LeBron James, of course, left the Cavs for the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason.

One Cavs player is remaining overly confident, though.

Tristan Thompson said the following while speaking to reporters at practice today:

"We’re still 4-time Eastern Conference champions, so until you take us down from that, teams ain’t got much to say. Boston, Philly, they ain’t got much to say. Boston had homecourt Game 7 and lost. Philly, you guys almost got swept. Toronto - we know that story," he said.

The rest of the Eastern Conference:

"Sure thing, Tristan."