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This Video Shows Why Tristan Thompson Reportedly Punched Draymond Green In The Face

Draymond Green disses Tristan Thompson after the NBA Finals.

Tuesday, reports surfaced - first via Bossip, then via The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre - that after the ESPYS, Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson punched Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green in the face at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

The reported altercation, according to McIntyre, started after Green attempted to apologize for what happened after Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Thompson reportedly denied Green's apology and punched him in the face.

So what happened after Game 4 of the NBA Finals? Well, two things.

One - Green, in the post-series handshake line, skipped over Thompson, who was clearly ready to shake hands.

Two - at the Warriors parade, Green went after Thompson again, implying it was intentional because the two players aren't "cut from the same" cloth.

Here's video of both incidents, along with McIntyre's report. It all lines up pretty well.

The Warriors and Cavs have played in the NBA Finals four years in a row, and by now, Green and Thompson are tired of each other. It's not a huge surprise that it came to blows - but it is a surprise that it didn't happen on the court first.

Neither player has confirmed the reports just yet. At some point, both will be asked what happened that night.