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What Happens When Kanye Asks Mike Tyson To Move Out Of His Seat At UFC 202

Kanye West at a UFC fight.

The epic fight between Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz wasn't the only spectacle at UFC 202 last night.

McGregor fended off a Diaz to win a majority decision in their long-anticipated rematch in Las Vegas. It was absolutely legendary.

If you ask Skip Bayless, however, McGregor wasn't the real king of UFC 202.

Apparently, Bayless sat in pretty solid company last night. In the second row, he had the pleasure of sitting behind both Mike Tyson and Kanye West.

At least temporarily.

What a power move by Kanye. It wasn't long ago that Tyson was the man no one would or could say no to.

Guess Kanye's the king of the ring now.