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Why This UMBC Player Was Licking A Peanut Butter Cracker

UMBC player licks cracker after cramping.

We're a couple of minutes away from the greatest NCAA Tournament upset of all-time. It'd be one of the greatest upsets in sports history, too.

Virginia is trailing No. 16 seed UMBC by 12 points with about 4 minutes to play.

The game is on TNT. Get there now.

First, though, check out the following photo.

A UMBC player is going viral for what he was doing on the bench late in the contest. He was licking a peanut butter cracker.

Check it out:

Why was he doing this? Was he hungry?

Well, maybe.

But there's a legitimate reason behind the move, too. He was likely licking it for the salt, which can help with cramps. It's been a stressful game, of course, and UMBC's players were starting to feel it.

So, out came the peanut butter crackers.

It makes sense. And it looks pretty awesome.

Now, back to the game. Get to TNT!