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Update: Here’s The Next Wave Of ESPN Employees Laid Off

An ESPN sign hanging that's very old

The wave of ESPN layoffs is continuing this afternoon.

The ESPN employee layoffs that have been discussed for some time have began this morning, and continued into the afternoon. The first, and biggest name to fall was longtime NFL reporter Ed Werder, who worked for 17 years at the Worldwide Leader.

After the first wave of layoffs, there are more names trickling in. Most of ESPN's NHL reporting crew was laid off, and a few college football reporters were also laid off. Now, a litany of other reporters also received the news that they will no longer work for the network.

They shared the news via Twitter.

Perhaps the biggest and most surprising news of all was Brett McMurphy, the "Adam Schefter" of college football. McMurphy breaks more news than anyone else in the college football landscape, and is now a free agent. And now, college football analyst Danny Kannell announced that he will no longer be with the network.

We knew ESPN was going to layoff quite a bit of talent today, but that doesn't make some of these names any less shocking.