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Update: LeBron's Camp Refuting 'Space Jam 2' Report

Update: Well, that was quick. LeBron's camp is refuting the report of Space Jam 2 being in the works. Brian Windhorst of ESPN has the update.

">February 22, 2014

Earlier: Attention: A part of your childhood may be dying in the near future, twenty-somethings. Fans of the original "Space Jam," starring Michael Jordan, beware. LeBron James may star in a "Space Jam 2" remake or sequel of sorts. The original "Space Jam" wound up grossing $230 million worldwide, so it does make sense that they'd try to see if the magic is there with the younger generation's superstar.

At this point, "Space Jam 2" is just in the preliminary talks. But it does appear that the idea has gotten the green light, at least according to

">February 22, 2014