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Update On ESPN's Search To Replace Jon Gruden

ESPN's logo in red and white.

Here's the latest on ESPN's search to replace Jon Gruden.

ESPN has yet to name the replacement for Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football. Here's the latest on the search.

A couple of in-house candidates are probably the favorites. Louis Riddick and Matthew Hasselbeck have both been mentioned as potential suitors for the job.

A huge name has reportedly yet to say no, though. That name: Peyton Manning.

The Big Lead reports that Manning has yet to tell ESPN no. An earlier report said that ESPN was considering Manning for the job.

From The Big Lead:

Peyton Manning is still in the mix to replace Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football, and ESPN should make him a double-digit million dollar per year offer to make it awfully hard for him to tell them no.

While there’s a persistent argument that fans watch games for the players and not announcers, the person in America most apt to move the needle on television viewership is Peyton Manning. In 2015, our site’s Jason Lisk wrote about how he was essentially a one-man NFL franchise as far as advertising and merchandising and general popularity were concerned. Imagine if ESPN successfully landed A-Rod and Peyton Manning within a month or so of each other.

This is what an ESPN executive told's Richard Deitsch about Manning roughly a month ago:

“We like Peyton Manning," she said. “And we would be foolish not to talk him.”

Stay tuned...