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Here's An Updated Olympic Medal Count On The Final Day Of Games

The final day of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is here, and, therefore, so is the penultimate Olympic medal count.

While there are a few more events to wrap up today, the medal standings likely won't shift much, if at all, by tonight's closing ceremony. Though there has been some alterations throughout the games, though the leading nations are generally not surprising. Specifically, in the Olympic medal count, the top five nations at this point are: the United States, Great Britain and N. Ireland, China, Russia and Germany.

After two weeks of athletic events, the United States remains unstoppable, leading the medal count this morning by an unreachable 50 medals. Totaling 116 medals in total, the nation wracked up 43 gold, 37 silver and 36 bronze in the events.

Great Britain just barely pushed passed China for the No. 2 slot. With 27 gold medals, 22 silver and 17 bronze, the team has 66 in total.

While China has more medal than Team GB (70), the team has just one less gold medal, putting them in third. They've earned 26 gold medals, 18 silver and 26 bronze so far.

Russian and Germany both put in a more competitive showing in the second week of the games, allowing them to round off the top five. Russia has 53 total medals, of which 17 are gold, 17 are silver and 19 are bronze. Germany follows close behind with 41 medals. Though the nation has 17 gold medals as well, they have just 10 silver medals and 14 bronze.

Japan - a team that was previously in the top five - trails closely behind at No. 6, with 41 total medals from 12 gold, 8 silver and 21 bronze.

Could the final events today impact the Olympic medal count?

Here are some of the events on today:

US men’s basketball team gold medal game vs. Serbia
Men’s marathon
Wrestling, men’s 65kg freestyle
Wrestling, men’s 97kg freestyle
Volleyball, men’s bronze medal game vs. Russia
Cycling mountain bike, men’s cross-country
Boxing, women’s middleweight gold-medal match

The closing ceremony airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.