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Video: A Huge Brawl Broke Out At An NFL Scrimmage

nfl scrimmage leads to a brawl

We've entered the middle of the NFL's preseason and it seems like everyone is ready for Week 1 to get here.

The Ravens and the Colts had a scrimmage at Indianapolis' training camp on Saturday afternoon. Unsurprisingly, things got heated.

A pretty big brawl broke out between the two squads.

Everything seemed to get started when Colts linebacker Antonio Morrison hit Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan in a drill.

Check it out:

The Indy Star had more:

In one of the chippiest practices the Colts have had in years, the team closed its 2018 training camp with brawls and blows, scrapping with the visiting Ravens throughout a two-hour session that left the Colts bruised and coach Frank Reich steaming.

“We’re football players, professional football players, we’re not fighters,” Reich said. “This is not the MMA. We’re not in the cage. We got kids in the stands. We’re role models. We wanna find ways to execute football plays and win games.

He continued: “It’s bush league. It’s undisciplined. Teams that do that, and players who do that, lose. That’s not the team we want to be.”

You can view the full report here.