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Video: A Referee Screwed Harvard In Last Night's NIT Game

Referee during Harvard game.

There was a brutal mistake by a referee at the end of an NIT game last night.

Harvard's men's basketball team fell to Marquette in the opening round of the NIT. The No. 7-seeded Crimson lost to the No. 2 seed, 67-60.

The Ivy League team had a chance to make the game a one-possession contest late, but a referee got in the way. Literally.

Harvard was trailing, 63-57, with a little more than 20 seconds left. A Crimson guard got wide open in the corner for a big 3.

The referee knocked him over before he had the chance to catch the pass. Seriously.

Here's video:

Here's a closer look at what happened:

The referee is part of the court, but you don't often see referees truck-sticking players on the court. That was rough.

Marquette, the No. 2 seed, moves on to face No. 3 seed Oregon in the second round.