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Video: Absurd Roughing The Passer Call In Packers-Vikings Game

brutal penalty call against clay mathews

It might only be the second week of the NFL season, but the Vikings and Packers are currently battling in an instant classic. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter featured one of the most head-scratching calls of the season.

Minnesota's offense was heating up in the final minutes, but a late interception from Kirk Cousins appeared to seal the deal. Well, that was until the play was called back due to roughing the passer.

There's is just one huge problem with the penalty. After watching the replay, Clay Matthews' hit on Cousins looks pretty clean.

With the league establishing more rules to protect the quarterback, it's hard to define what exactly defines a textbook hit. Nonetheless, it's clear that Matthews didn't go up high on Cousins.

Considering the fact that Minnesota went on to capitalize and tie the game, the officiating crew at Lambeau Field will certainly be under fire for their decision.

The Packers and the Vikings are now in overtime, tied at 29-29. The game is on FOX.