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Video: Aly Raisman Confronts Larry Nassar At Hearing

A photo of Aly Raisman.

The former star gymnast confronted the former USA Gymnastics team doctor.

The hearing for former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar continued today in Michigan. More than 100 women have come forward about his sexual abuse.

Several women spoke out at the start of his four-day sentencing hearing, detailing their traumatic and harrowing experiences. Former gymnast Kyle Stephens confronted Nassar earlier this week with a powerful testimony.

Nassar is expected to be sentenced to 40-125 years in prison on seven sexual assault charges. He's already been sentenced to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges.

On Friday morning, gold medalists Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber testified today against Nassar. Raisman's response ended with rousing applause.

Raisman also addressed Nassar's letter to the judge asking for reprieve. He wrote a letter to the judge, saying he can't mentally handle facing each one of his victims in court.

The judge presiding over the case had none of his plea. On Friday morning Raisman didn't either.

The star gymnast not only went after Nassar, but also USA gymnastics. Raisman believes the entire organization is complicit in his behavior.

Raisman's powerful victim impact statement is one of many, and she certainly won't be the last to face her accuser. Nassar will spend the rest of his life in a prison cell, but the victims he hurt will need will live with the abuse for the rest of their lives.