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Video: American Luger Emily Sweeney Has Terrifying Crash

Emily Sweeney looking up on camera.

The American luger suffered a frightening crash at the Winter Olympics.

On Monday, we showed you a terrifying crash in the women's luge at the Winter Olympics. Thankfully, that luger, Austria's Birgit Platzer, was OK.

Today, we have another one. And, also like yesterday's, this luger appears to be mostly OK. But it's still terrifying to watch.

American female luger Emily Sweeney suffered a horrifying crash during her run. She was in her fourth run and in curve 9 when she lost control of the sled, bounced around and crashed.

Sweeney, a 24-year-old from Maine, was able to walk off the course under her own power. She was reportedly then taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

The luge competition was delayed for a bit. It later resumed.

Sweeney is in her first Olympics. She just missed out on a spot in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Here's video of the crash:

The Maine native is a junior world champion. Her older sister, Megan, is a former United States Olympic luger.