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Watch: The Ball Family Appeared On WWE Raw And It Was Ridiculous

LaVar and LaMelo ball on Raw.


LaVar Ball got shirtless about 20 seconds into the segment.

The Ball Boys minus LiAngelo appeared on WWE Raw tonight, for some reason, and it went about how you'd expect: LaVar Ball yelled nonsense while his sons Lonzo and LaMelo watched in amusement.

Look at this, man:

Here's a GIF of that run for your viewing pleasure.

And that's basically how the entire segment went. Lonzo eventually came out soon after and did his best to maintain an image of maturity while his father preened around the ring like a madman. It was uncomfortable and awkard to watch, but that's essentially canon for interviews with LaVar at this point.

He took of his shirt pretty early on and never looked back.

Try not to let this GIF haunt you as you're falling asleep tonight:

It's LaVar's world, and we're just living in it.