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Video: Barkley On Donald Sterling - "This Is The First Big Test Of Adam Silver, He Needs To Suspend Him Right Now"

The Donald Sterling story continues to shake the NBA, and now the discussion has reached the sport's broadcasts. During halftime of today's Pacers-Hawks first round game, the TNT panel of Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kenny Smith discussed Sterling and had some pointed statements about the Clippers' owner.

O'Neal calls Sterling "repugnant", while Barkley brings up a 2006 lawsuit in which Sterling was accused of housing discrimination against minorities.

Barkley also calls for new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to take action and suspend and fine Sterling.

Host Ernie Johnson also had an excellent quote framing the entire issue:


— Lindsay Pollock (@bookjunkie86)

"Racism is a refuge for ignorance." Great quote from Ernie Johnson on @NBAonTNT

— bookjunkie86 (@bookjunkie86) April 26, 2014

">April 26, 2014

">April 26, 2014