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Video: Boxer Going Viral For What He Did Before Fight

Boxer decides to leave the ring.

Friday night brought one of the more interesting stories we've seen in recent memory. Right as the bell wrung to kick off a fight between Curtis Harper and Efe Ajagba, Harper decided he didn't want to fight.

That's right. Harper left the boxing ring before the fight even started.

The two touched gloves, went to their respective corners and were just about to start the first of six rounds when Harper walked out of the ring and back into the locker room. As a result, Ajagba received the decision and retained his unbeaten record.

It was a wild display. Check it out.

So why did Harper decide against the fight? Well, according to boxing reporter Jordan Hardy, Harper wanted to make a statement about equal pay.

He certainly caught the attention of the masses with his decision to leave the ring.

As for earning an equal wage, we'll have to wait and see.