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Video: Derek Jeter And A-Rod Involved In Horribly Awkward CNBC Interview

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez being interviewed.

Former teammates once again sat shoulder-by-shoulder and had to endure an awful interview.

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez once played on the same baseball diamond. A-Rod manned third base, while Jeter stood 20 feet to the left, holding down the shortstop position. An interview with CNBC found the two MLB stars back together, with Jeter to the left of A-Rod once again.

Instead of fielding ground balls, however, the pair had to endure a weird line of questioning. The two were participating in stock firm BTIG's 15th annual charity day on Tuesday, where hundreds of charities nominated by clients and celebrity guest traders will receive a donation.

Here's the interview from CNBC's Squawk Alley.

As soon as CNBC reporter Bob Pisani brings up Jennifer Lopez and the Met Gala, you know the interview is going off the rails. Pisani then goes on to confuse A-Rod and Jeter multiple times throughout the nearly five-minute interview.

At the heart of the interview should have been the charities both former Yankees stars were representing -- after all, that was the reason the pair was there in the first place. A-Rod was representing the Boys & Girls Club from Miami, while Jeter represented the Turn 2 Foundation, which he started more than 20 years ago and which focuses on the prevention of drug and alcohol use among kids.