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Video: ESPN Cuts Audio During Dan Le Batard's Gronk Joke

Dan le Batard laughs while making a joke about Gronk.

The Worldwide Leader censored Dan Le Batard's Gronk joke.

ESPN did not approve of Dan Le Batard's Rob Gronkowski joke this morning.

During The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz, Le Batard apparently made a "69" joke about Gronkowski while discussing the New England Patriots' tight end's appearance at WrestleMania on Sunday night.

The show's audio went dead during the joke, as the higher-ups in Bristol decided to cut the sound, censoring the joke.

Le Batard wasn't happy.

Here's video, from The Big Lead:

As you can see, Le Batard was confused as to what was going on with the audio, asking his producers about what happened.

“Gronk’s making those kind of jokes all the time! I got dumped in Bristol for that? Wait a minute! Does Gronk have more journalistic freedom than I do? It’s okay for Gronk to reference the number between 68 and 70, but not me?” he said.

"Dumped in Bristol," his producers told him.

Censoring an innocent Gronk/69 joke does seem like a bit much. There are words you're not allowed to say on radio, but Le Batard didn't appear to say any of them.

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