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Video: Halftime Performance At Cavs-Warriors Goes Horribly Wrong

cavs warriors halftime show goes wrong

The first half of Game 3 was a good one for Cleveland. The Cavaliers, trailing the Warriors 2-0 in the NBA Finals, played extremely well during the first two quarters and took a six-point lead into halftime.

The halftime show, unfortunately, has not been a good one. It's been somewhat disastrous, actually.

Red Panda, arguably the most-popular halftime performance in the NBA, had a tough fall during her performance. It shook those watching it live.

Here's video of the unfortunate accident:

Thankfully, Red Panda is an absolute professional. She got back on her bike and finished the show with supreme class.

That's a good omen for Cleveland in the second half. Perhaps the Cavs will finish strong, too.