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Video: High School Player Makes 135 3-Pointers In 5 Minutes, Breaks World Record

This kid is better than you.

Move over, Stephen Curry -- you've got some competition for the best shooter in the world.

Josh Ruggles is a 16-year-old out of Chicago, Illinois, who can absolutely shoot the lights out. According to the record books, he's the best 3-point shooter in the world. Don't believe me? Check out this video of Ruggles making 135 three pointers in just five minutes: 

According to the video's description, Ruggles was competing to beat the overall record, set by the WNBA's Laurie Koehn. Koehn drained 132 3-pointers in five minutes back in May. Yesterday, Ruggles moved to his home court at Wheaton Academy and set a new world record with 135. He took 147 shots total - that's a 92% clip. 

Someone needs to get this kid a scholarship -- ASAP.

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