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Video: Hockey Player Takes A Skate To The Face During Olympic Game

Norway and Sweden playing in hockey.

The men's hockey competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics is underway. Today's action featured a pretty gruesome injury.

Norway’s Kristian Forsberg took a skate to the face during his team's loss. The Norwegians fell to Sweden, 4-0.

Forsberg's injury occurred during a scrum in the second period. Players were tumbling over each other and Forsberg was a victim in a bad way.

Sweden’s Joel Lundqvist tripped over another player and his leg went up into the air. His skate hit Forsberg's face, slicing him.

The referees had to stop the game so Forsberg could make his way off the ice. He was bleeding pretty badly.

Thankfully, Forsberg's visor took some of the skate, so it wasn't as bad as it could've been. Still, it was really scary.

Forsberg missed a decent part of the game, as he went to get stitched up. He was later able to return to the action.

He spoke to after the game. He says it wasn't that serious.

“When you see blood, you think the worst thing, but I quickly confirmed that it was not so serious,” he said.

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